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Welcome on board of the Mozambique Kitesurfing School, with 10 international experience in teaching Kite surfing. My name is Daniele, I come from Italy and I practice this wonderful sport since 2000, obtaining the teaching licence in 2003.
I have been travelling since then in different schools of each continent, teaching more than 1000 trainees.
I have stopped my journey here in Maputo as the weather conditions are great... and Africa has fascinated me...
We are situated in Maputo, bairro Costa do sol, but when the wind blows we are located along the beach looking for the best condition for quickly and safety learning.
I am here to give you the opportunity to feel the emotions of surfing on the water, by letting yourself be pushed by the force of wind, in total safety and by using new and up to date equipments.
Of course the methodology and techniques are studied for a quick learning while feeling safe and enjoying the experience.
You can improve your techniques quickly once you have learned and found your balance on the board. We work on a beach where most of the time the water is flat. The wind is mild during 90% of the summertime and blows with an intensity of 13/18 knots from 12pm till the sunset.
The best time is from half august till april. The less windy time is from may till august, but there is always some wind from the south. I would recommend you to wear a shorty from May till August, which the school offers to its trainees.
So, what are you waiting for? Just give it a try and get the most of it!

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My job is made out of goals and the most important one is the security that you will feel once you find the good control of the kite, so that jumping up on the board will be easier and safer.
Kitesurf is a safe sport if it is practiced with awareness, following the rules of physics and nature is essential.
You will never be left without assistance, lessons will be issued only in safe conditions and low tide.
Kitesurf is divided in 4 levels, to be independent and autonomous you need to be at least in the level 3.
Here are the three levels:


  • After a short theory we will be flying a kite in the beach doing some specific exercise and trying all the safety systems. It is required to spend 2 to 3 hours to reach level 1.


  • After flying the kite with control we will go in the water doing some specific exercise (body drag ) , trying all the safety systems and rules. At this point we are ready to stand up in the board with a water start. To complete the level 2 you will need between 8 to 13 hours, then you enter in the level 3.


  • Consistent riding in all the directions including up wind, riding next to other riders and water users, and finally respecting the right way of the rules.


Many people ask me how long it takes to be independent (level3), it is impossible to know the exactly time you need, is all about the motivation, the continuity you give at this sport and the movement coordination.


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